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Workshop TBA 2023

Ascension is about having the desire and intention to consciously move to a higher level of being and raising our vibration to the level of Light.
Would you like to have a greater connection with your soul’s light & energy?
Please join us on this healing, inspiring fun filled day connecting you with the higher realms of light.






This 2 day workshop includes but not limited to:

* Fifth Dimensional Chakra System12 chakra Preparation and Activation of Your Fifth-Dimensional Merkabah
* Archangels Associated with the Chakras
* Meditation to open our 33 Petal Heart              
* How to Clear & Balance Chakras
* Metatron’s Light Bath
* The Importance of Purification
* Embracing Abundance Consciousness
* Angelic Healing Techniques
* Ascension C
* and more knowledge on the Angelic Realm.

Duration – 2 days

Location  – Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 3AU

Fee £225  –  includes certificate, handouts and light refreshments

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