The Metatron Methods Workshop:

Next workshop TBA 2024 –  Course prerequisite is to have taken Angelic Reiki 1&2

This workshop is for everybody who truly wants to understand the nature of Angelic Reiki and the gift that is the Archangel Metatron.

This is a new body of work which reveals the in-depth spiritual principles that underpin the power of that which we call The Archangel Metatron.

This is a divine invitation to discover the principles of The Angelic Kingdom of Light, the sacred esoteric wisdom in which Angelic Reiki is based upon as well and developing new healing methods, tools and understating of your work with the Angelic Kingdom of Light.

This is an opportunity to experience a profound development of your work as healers and teachers enabling you to practise and teach from a place of powerful authenticity.


Included in the workshop:

  • Opening a Workshop & Clearing the space

  • Michael Karma Cutting Meditation & Clearing

  • Healing Methods to develop Angelic Reiki further

  • Etheric Body Healing & Spherical Healing

  • A new healing method- Cleansing All The Chakras

  • The role of the healer for Angelic Reiki In Death And Dying

  • The Four Elements

  • Ascension Changes- working with the changes

  • Enhancing your Healing Sessions with becoming a clear channel to the divine

  • Sacred Geometry and Platonic Solids for Healing & Personal Mastery- Healing methods

  • The Platonic Solids of Metatron

  • The Spiritual Hierarchy of The Angelic Kingdom

  • Archangels & Ascended Masters- Detailed Guidance Ritual and Knowledge

  • Esoteric wisdom in the knowledge of Master Crystals ,Rods Of Power, Rules And Laws Of Healing, Golden Pyramid of Light, The Ascension Flame & Description of the Seven Rays

Metatron- detailed information:

A powerful new angelic attunement to the Merkabah Ascension Activation Crystal Layout Healing Method & More

This workshop is a gift, a promise of developing and ascending your sacred knowledge of healing, teaching and understanding of Angelic Reiki to a new level.

“Experience a profound development of your work as healers and teachers enabling you to practise and teach from a place of powerful authenticity.”

A manual, certificate and light refreshments are provided.

Healing Session Fee: £50

Archangel Metatron Methods

Duration: 2 day

Fee – £252  A non-returnable deposit of £52 is required to secure your place.

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Dates: TBA 2024

Metatron Methods in Thetford