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Colour Mirrors

Colour Mirrors

Is a system of healing that encompasses bottles of energised oil and water in a range of rainbow colours, each bottle has a message and an aspect that it can heal.

This colour therapy system also helps you develop your own innate abilities empowering you to be all you possibly can be. Great used in Healing, EFT, Reiki, Councelling, oracle card readings and so much more!

Spritzer Essences.

Colour SpritzersThese spritzers can be sprayed into the energy field around your body (Aura), or spray into your hands and breathe in the exquisite healing aromas.

Can be used for space clearing. You can also spray some into a bath, or use in meditation

Essential Dual Coloured Oils

new chakra CM bottles 018The round bottled essential oils can be used in your bath over a period of time. You can benefit from just holding the bottle, meditating with it, placing it on parts of your body where you feel it is needed or used in therapy for chakra balancing.


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