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EFT Abundance Tapping Group

Abundance Group – TBA 2017

Celebrate the WorldI love Abundance tapping with EFT, you can use it to change any area of your life. The group energy increases the power of the process creating greater change.

Are you tired of not having enough Money, Time, Love or Serenity?
Are you sick of sabotaging your success?
Are you exhausted from carrying around excess emotional baggage?

Is it time to release emotional blocks to prosperity?
Are you willing to appreciate who you are and what talents you have?
Do you want to feel inspired to live passionately?
Are you eager to magnetize unlimited success with the Law of Attraction?
Are you ready to allow abundance into your life?

This is an opportunity to clear your blocks to abundance, as well as meeting and networking with like minded people.

Next Group to recommence 2017 TBA (2 hour duration run fortnightly)

These sessions are open to everyone, from complete newcomers to those already experienced in EFT. They are an ideal and cost-effective way of experiencing and continuing your personal development through the use of EFT.

During the evening, you will be able to watch live EFT demos and you will have the opportunity to experience EFT first-hand under the guidance and supervision of a skilled and supportive Practitioner/Trainer. You will also find the group energy powerful and supportive.

Fee £15

Refreshments provided Tel: 01842 762099


Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 3AU, UK