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EFT Level 1

This Introductory EFT Level 1 Foundation Course is suitable for absolute beginners to practising professionals in other modalities who want to include EFT in their practice as an extra tool for the therapeutic toolkit.

This workshop allows you time to watch trainer demos, and to practice using the techniques on yourself and others whilst in a safe, comfortable environment.

Level 1 is the foundation where everyone begins whether learning EFT for yourself or with a view to becoming a therapist.
A thorough grounding in the basics of EFT are essential for all, no matter what other experience or qualifications we bring to it.
This course follows the AAMET Level 1 syllabus.
By the end of the course even if you decide to do no further training in EFT you will have gained a self-help tool for life.

TBA summer 2018

Syllabus includes:
• The Background of EFT Tapping
• The Discovery Statement
• The Full Basic Recipe
• Psychological Reversal
• The Short Cut Version
• Aspects
• Getting Specific
• Borrowing Benefits
• Personal Peace Procedure
• EFT Tapping for Cravings
• EFT Tapping for Physical Pain/Discomfort


“How good to be able to learn your craft from a Professional. Louise knows her subject inside out and has the ability to pass on her knowledge to her students in such a way that you cannot fail to understand. It was a very well organised, well planned course without having to rush or cut things short. Well presented by a very knowledgeable and experienced Trainer’. I can only say, thank you Louise for passing on your knowledge to me and I would certainly recommend your Training Courses.
I wish all the best”
Guido (Cambridgeshire)

“Great atmosphere, clear, concise and informative teaching!”
Q Would you recommend this course to others? Answered “Defintely!”
Brenda SeabornColchester


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