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EFT  Combined Levels 1 & 2 Practitioner Course 

The training is suitable for the absolute beginners to practising professionals in other modalities who want to include EFT in their practice as an extra tool for the therapeutic toolkit.
Ideal for therapists, healers, coaches, counsellors and health carer’s wishing to learn powerful new approaches for working with clients.
The training course will prepare you to practice EFT with confidence and incredible success.

Level One includes:

* Brief history of EFT
* Understanding the concepts of EFT and connections to existing therapies and healing modalities
* The discovery statement upon which EFT is based and the incredible implications this has in the healing process
* Psychological reversal – a new understanding of the reasons we don’t heal and simple techniques to overcome this very common obstacle
* The ‘basic recipe’. Learn the full EFT protocol, with demonstrations and experiential practice
* EFT shortcuts – learn ways to streamline this already quick and elegant therapy
* Techniques to greatly improve the effectiveness of EFT – including the importance of being specific, dealing with shifting aspects of memories and emotions, special points and being persistent
* Discover the wide range of physical and emotional issues for which EFT is effective and the few areas were EFT shouldn’t be used
* Testing the effectiveness of treatments
* Learn and experience other EFT techniques – including the ‘tearless trauma technique’, the ‘movie technique’, ‘chasing the pain’ and the ‘personal peace procedure’
* The importance of energy toxins and how to eliminate their effects
* Understanding cognitive shifts – what verbal and physical signs to expect
* Lots of practice working with and experiencing the incredible results of EFT on your own issues
* Experience working with bothersome memories, phobias and addictive cravings
* What to do when EFT doesn’t work.

Level Two includes:

* The Principles from the Palace of Possibilities
* Rapport & Calibration
* Additional Tapping Points
* Ways to inject more gentleness into the EFT procedure – the ‘gentle’ techniques: the ‘tearless trauma’ technique, ‘chasing the pain’ and ‘sneaking up on the problem’
* Questioning Techniques to find Core Issues
* Addressing Physical Issues
* Creating Powerful Statements
* Testing the Results
* EFT by Telephone
* Delivering EFT in Groups

Certification will be subject to a practical assessment (during the weekend) and an online multiple choice exam.

Light refreshments are provided.

EFT Training Levels 1 & 2

Duration: 3 days

Fee – £340  A non-returnable deposit of £70 is required to secure your place.

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Dates: 20th, 21st, 22nd November 2020

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