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Phillip Day – health researcher.

“Credence Publications is an independent research organisation dedicated to reporting contentious issues that may harm the public. Our goal is to report properly annotated and verified information that enables you to make wise health decisions.”
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liptonBruceBruce Lipton PhD
Author of The Biology of Belief.  www.brucelipton.com

“EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity,health and behaviour.



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Natural Bloom – Adventures in holistic health – Learn about complementary therapies and share your own personal experiences. Yoga, reflexology, aromatherapy, stress-busters and more.



carol LookDr Carol Look

Dr. Carol Look is a leading innovator and skilled practitioner in the new field of Energy Psychology and is a gifted psychotherapist with a doctorate degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy, from New York, USA.

Carol has extensive experience in applying EFT for attracting abundance and releasing limiting blocks to success, and was invited to teach her Success and Abundance Class with Gary Craig. She is the author of three of the field’s classics, How to Lose Weight with Energy Therapy, Quit Smoking Now and more recently  Attracting Abundance with EFT.

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