Pendulum Dowsing Workshops

Next Workshop 21st May 2022

This workshop introduces you to pendulum dowsing and the knowledge to take it beyond, assisting you on your spiritual path. Once you have mastered the technique and acquired confidence, it enables you to receive information in a direct way. If you want quick and instant communication with your High Self, then dowsing is the answer.

* Learn the Basics of Dowsing.
* Use a pendulum to balance, ground and clear energy blocks.
* Connecting with Higher Self
* Dowsing with Charts
* Check the Energy of items around the home.
* Invoking and connecting with the Angelic realm and Guided Meditations
* Neutralising and Harmonising Energies
* Neutralising negative emissions from your mobile phone and devices
* Check the Calibration of your Energies


Duration – 1 day

Location  – Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 3AU

Fee £155  –  includes certificate, manual, and light refreshments

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Dates: 21st May 2022

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