What is Personal Soul Guidance?

Experience the Angelic connection through their healing energy as well as receiving guidance & clarity through colour and Angel cards

Personal Soul Guidance Sessions are designed to empower you moving through challenging life circumstances, or at times when you may feel that you would benefit from extra spiritual support and direction. This can be especially helpful when you feel you are at a cross-roads or in a period of transformation, transition, or re-direction on your Life Path.

Your tailor made personal soul guidance two part session includes options of a variety of modalities such as EFT/Matrix Reimprinting, Meditation, TBP, Angelic Reiki or Super Connection as appropriate.

The first part starts prior to face to face (or Zoom) where we establish where you are at right now and how you feel with a few questions via email or telephone. I then consult the colour mirror bottles and oracle cards as required. This takes approximately 2 hours prior to our face to face (or Zoom) appointment. This is then prepared ready to be discussed during your face to face session which can take up to 2 hours to consolidate everything, with hand-outs to follow, all to enhance your spiritual path ahead.

merkaba sacred energy

Therapy Details

Are you at a crossroads in your life?
Not sure of your life purpose?
Need guidance with your next step forward?

Maybe Personal Soul Guidance is for you!

Therapy Cost

Fee Option One £111 includes parts one & two please allow 2 hours for the face to face session.

Fee Option two £144 has the addition of a Healy Quantum Healing session.