Orgonite Pyramid


Orgonite pyramid made with resin contains shungite, amethyst, clear quartz point, selenite and herkimar diamonds. Metatron’s Cube on base.
230 grams base 8.2cms x 8.2cms  height – base to apex 8.6cms Handmade. Air element pyramid.

Orgonite EMF repelling technology, creating a happy, healthier body & mind & environment.
Helps increase the vitality of all living organisms; plant, animal & human.
Reduces the negative effects of smart meters, EMR and EMF
Improved sleep
Clarity of thoughts
Promotes Higher conscious thinking
Radiates beautiful, positive energy
Amplifies natural calming energies to neutralize negative effects
Fights against geopathic stress interference, electronics, wiring, radio waves
Reduces stress and improves mood.

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Weight0.230 kg
Dimensions8.2 × 8.2 × 8.2 cm

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