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Having recently  received an EFT session from Louise with amazing results I  wanted to share this experience with anyone who may be contemplating trying this therapy.

I have been a nurse for 20 years and recently I seemed to have suffered what can only be described as a `mental block’ when it came to taking bloods. A task I had always enjoyed all of a sudden became terrifying. I was unable to perform this.

Louise offered me a taster session of EFT when I told her of my anxieties and the result was truly amazing. Within 20 minutes of Louise’s session I was effectively able to perform the task again successfully. It really was amazing. I had got  to the point of approaching my seniors to request re-training as it seemed to me I was totally unable to perform this relatively simple procedure.

Louise has a lovely demeanour and instantly puts you at ease. She is friendly and she has a real gift for alternative therapy that really needs to be experienced to be understood.

I can thoroughly recommend Louise if  You are looking for a competent therapist.
You will be amazed at the results so give it a try.

Billie Roberts

RMN (Registered Mental Nurse), Norfolk

I am a complementary therapist and have been a client of Louise’s for EFT. I have always been left wanting more of the positive, enlightening and life enriching experiences- and Louise delivers this during EFT sessions. Louise is professional, yet down to earth and practical, allowing clients to work intuitively with her-which helps you feel safe with her and enlightened at the same time. I always feel empowered and positive after a session with Louise. Thank you so much- you’re an inspiration!

Louise Strickland


Having taken my Reiki training, levels 1 & 2 with Louise I wanted to share with you how much I really enjoyed them both, apart from learning an ancient healing method, I’ve also learnt a lot about life.

Louise’s knowledge and teaching has really  opened up my mind to all different avenues in life and to look at it all in a more positive way, she has also  helped me to observe any negative emotions and thoughts that arise and turn them into positive ones.

I feel a lot better in my self by doing the Reiki courses and meeting Louise, if you would like to know more about what life holds I recommend Louise as I think she is a very good teacher and a great cook too!

Paul m. Gentry


found EFT to be an amazing experience Louise picked up the core essence of my problem. I felt safe, relaxed, valued and began to trust the process very quickly. I also felt Louise’s great capacity of empathic understanding during each stage of the EFT was also very intuitive and healing. When Louise and I had finished the EFT I was in no doubt that it had worked.

Donna Monk

Professional Counsellor

I first experienced EFT with Louise when I became emotionally overwhelmed by my son starting at his new school.  Even after a full term at school, I felt distanced from the rest of the parents and felt that I had nothing in common with most of them, so much that I felt excluded.  I also felt paranoid that living so close to the school meant that people knew more about my situation than I would like them to. A two hour EFT session with Louise unearthed some deep-seated emotions which were linked to feelings, which stemmed from when I was young. It was amazing to see how my paranoia and my sense of distance were quickly released.  What was more incredible was that I nearly cancelled the appointment due to severe shoulder and neck pain, which I’d experienced for two days and was getting worse.  Louise convinced me to continue with the appointment and by the end of the session the pain had reduced drastically from a severity of 9/10 to 1/10.

My second EFT session was to work through my feelings towards money and wealth.  I had associated wealth with negative personal values and have consequently created a self-image of not wanting money, turning away wealth creating opportunities. Using EFT, Louise was able to turn around my feelings towards money and I now know that an increased abundance will not have a negative impact upon my life but will help me realise my dreams and help me to help others.

The positive results from the two sessions with Louise have reinforced the effectiveness of EFT treatment. As a therapy, it involves non-contact and uses a technique that can be reinforced at home.  Sessions offer the opportunity to talk through problems and Louise has a wonderful way of drawing out the real issues that lie beneath, providing the opportunity to get through to the heart of the problem.

Anne Martin


I am an OCD sufferer and came to Louise for help with dealing with the issues surrounding this condition. It helped me tremendously with day to day anxiety and depression, to the point where I could function normally and make life changing decisions (including getting divorced!). It improved my self-esteem and confidence, made me more self aware and helped reduce my anxiety/depression. Louise has enabled me to get my life back- and I am eternally grateful to her. I have also trained to Level 2 EFT as a result of the dramatic changes in my own life. Thank you so much Louise!

Louise Fairclough

West Yorkshire

I really enjoyed Reiki with Louise, incredibly relaxing, calming and now I feel very energized. Thank you. You’re brilliant!



I just want to say how incredibly impressed I am with the EFT treatment so far. It’s truly amazing that something seemingly so simple can help unblock problems that have defied the medical profession for years! Having spent 5yrs on medication I am now able to have a relativley pain free existence without any and have utter conviction that once my EFT is finished I wont have pain anymore. I am so pleased with it I am now thinking seriously about learning EFT techniques for myself and helping others. If only more people knew about this it could revolutionise our thinking and solve so many problems. I wish you all the best with your work and hope you continue to perform miracles for many people in the future :~)

Gill Macdonald


Thank you very much Louise. I feel better now than I have since 1967!
I feel like I have defeated the devil with my mind and that is a very positive feeling!

Follow up comments:

Thank you It WORKS!This is the end of a long struggle. I feel happy now!I was surprised to find that EFT worked almost straight away!

Christopher J Mann