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The Balance Procedure is a power simplistic energy technique that uses 9 symbol cards.

We create our reality through thought and imagination, meaning that we have to be very careful with what we imagine, since what we see in our mind’s eye can become our reality.

The key is to use the TBP which is the quickest and easiest way to accomplish a state of balance. It is an exciting, new way of transforming any limiting emotional patterns you may have learnt and are still playing on an unconscious level.

Maximize Your Physical, emotional, and mental Well-being by Balancing All Aspects of Your Life.


Daily practice will:

  • Reduce stress, fears and anxieties
  • Bring your energy into a balanced and relaxed state
  • Help you have more clarity and focus.
  • Improves your concentration.
  • Help you reach your goals and manifestations.
  • Enables you to reach your full potential in life

The virtual live training is split into two sessions that are one week apart. This gives you time between the two sessions to practice using TBP (First session 2 hours, second follow up session up to 2 hours)

TBP Workshop (previously known as Level 1)

Even if you are completely new to ‘ENERGY TECHNIQUES’ you will finish the day capable and excited to use the Balance Procedure for yourself, family, friends and animals.

The workshop is designed for those who would like to know more about TBP, it is open to all who are willing to learn a new skill.

Workshop investment

Cost: £150

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to purchase The Balance Procedure Guide Book & Symbol Cards or TBP app prior to the start of the workshop.

TBP Practitioner Virtual Accredited Training

The Balance Procedure Practitioner Virtual Accredited Training

TBP energy practitioner training (previously called Level 2) provides an interactive and informal structure, where you will receive plenty of hands on practical assessment and support throughout.

Becoming a Balance Procedure Practitioner will allow you to gain an income stream by using the Balance Procedure to work professionally, gain insurance and to work with others.

On completion of this training and with your new increased skills and knowledge you will be able to practice and teach the very next day.

You will need to complete case studies and teach a TBP workshop to receive your Accredited Energy Practitioner Certificate.

There are two online sessions to complete this training

Pre-requisite: The Balance Procedure Attendance Certificate

Practitioner Pack and Certification is included in the price, you will receive confirmation of booking once purchased and details to connect to the Virtual Live Zoom Workshop.

Continual Professional Development – Annual Update Training for Practitioners is available to maintain your status.

TBP practitioner training is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) The Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) & approved by Energy Therapy 39 countries Worldwide.

Workshop investment £650 payable by PayPal or Bank Transfer (details on request).

Whilst The Balance Procedure is an experiential tool, the results it achieves could be aligned with Heart Math research that if we are in coherence with our energy (in alignment), we will have a more balanced life. Go to for more information.