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The Balance Procedure


I love the simplicity of The Balance Procedure which is such an effective self-help tool.

The way you think will makes all the difference.

Identify the thoughts that cause you stress, and replace them with calm thoughts, which is the key to open all doors!

We all have negative thoughts and limiting beliefs to some degree and these operate at the subconscious levels of the mind and contribute to “stuckness” or self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour. Using The Balance Procedure we can identify and transform these thought patterns and so empower us to move forward in the direction we choose to reach our full potential.

The Balance Procedure focuses on the thymus point which is the bridge between the physical/emotional and spiritual levels of being.Using the body’s energy to test, we identify the issues of conflict in mind, body or emotions and as we use this technique we neutralize the problems bringing in a sense of calm peace and balance which keeps on developing as more levels of conflict are found and released sequentially.

Fee £45 session

Tel: 01842 762099
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