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EFT & Law of Attraction Workshops

Law of Attraction and EFT go Hand-in-Hand.

April 2015 TBA

Feel in a rut?

Do you keep drawing the same situations to yourself?

Do you have goals and dreams that feel out of reach?

Come on this workshop and find out how to achieve your wildest dreams.

Through EFT find out how to use the process of clearing all the blocks to your success.

Learn to crumble limiting beliefs about what is possible in your finances, your health, your relationships, and your career.

We are all co-creators and we are creating all of the time, but when we become consciously aware of this, we become far more powerful to consciously create that which we choose rather than from default. You are far more powerful than you may have previously realized.

Take the first step to changing you life.

For more information please contact Louise either via telephone or email.

Fee £85

Tel: 01842 762099

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