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Manifestation Acceleration Technique


Manifesting Acceleration Workshop 24th November 2018

3D render of the Archangel Micheal, holding a sword.A new form of manifestation has been brought forth by Archangel Michael.

This powerful one day course will guide you through discovering and identifying your dreams and goals in a dynamic new way and teaches you the techniques of accelerating your manifestation abilities with a registered teacher.

You will learn how to rapidly accelerate your manifestation abilities, helping you:

Clearly define your goals & to help you choose what you really want.

This manifesting tool is simple to learn & easy to integrate into everyday life.

Regular use of this technique involves a process called soul rotation which changes and improves lives. This may cause responses and a rapid reality shift which is expedited by the soul and is part of the soul’s journey toward fulfilment and ascension.

Come along and learn this great technique & help yourself to bring into reality that which you desire!

M.A.T. can be applied to relationships, health, joy and happiness, abundance/money/wealth/success/soul mate a new home/car/possessions etc – anything you desire.

Only £125 includes certificate, manual, lunch & refreshments throughout the day!

Tel: 01842 762099

10.00am to 4:30pm

Teacher Level Op 1 Student Level Op1