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Manifestation Acceleration Technique

Manifesting Acceleration Workshop 29th & 30th July 2017

3D render of the Archangel Micheal, holding a sword.

A new form of manifestation has been brought forth by Archangel Michael.

This powerful two day course will guide you through discovering and identifying your dreams and goals in a dynamic new way and teaches you the techniques of accelerating your manifestation abilities with a registered teacher.

Harness the power of thought to create and receive anything you want

Discover the role of thoughts and emotions in manifesting desires

Learn about vibrational alignment in order to transmit the right frequencies and messages to the Universe to manifest.

Learn how to rapidly accelerate your manifestation abilities, helping you:

Clearly define your goals & to help you choose what you really want.

Dare to dream – moving positively forward into freedom and happiness.

Helping you be happy, healthy, wealthy and free.

The techniques are simple to learn & easy to integrate into everyday life.

iStock Gold KeyFee includes a certificate, manual, healthy nutritious snacks, refreshments and a light vegetarian lunch both days.

Workshop Fee is £188

Tel: 01842 762099

10.00am to 4:30pm

Teacher Level Op 1 Student Level Op1